Ban Appeal

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Jan 10, 2019
User name: Captreyvion

What is your in game ALIAS(es) CaptainWardark

Which game is it? Bf3

Your Steam ID: (if applicable)

Server name that you were banned on Conquest all maps | no lag

Approximate Date/Time that you were banned 1/10/2019/8:50 pm est

Admin that banned you (If you remember) automatic

If possible, the reason that you might have got banned for. I said the word *Jew stuff* refering to a player that kept on purpose stealing my vehicle everytime i got out to repair and tried to get a admin before hand to help

Any additional comments you would like to add? I did not know the word "Jew" was an illegal word to use on the server or even how to get the server rules besides the messages in the chat box, I just started playing 3 days ago. I also thought the server was 18/21+ adult. If I get unbanned good, wont do it again if not. Then there is plenty of other places for me to go not the end of the world. Would really like a admin to help me with some issues on the game anyways, somebody was trying to sell me something called a macroer and go to some scammer website in squad chat a few days ago, they wanted 5$ for it and I have no clue what kind of stuff that is or what it even does. I forgot the name but im sure if you look around chat logs and use the text find button for around 3 days ago search for term macro.

FYI: Causing trouble during your ban appeal may extend your ban to all our servers. You've been warned.
And again deliberate slurs will NEVER BE LIFTED including any attempt to troll or test the filter. We dont care or why. Our house our rules! The rules and punishment in the server are very clear. Only false positives or legit context will be lifted.
Not open for further replies.