Application to Join True Born Gaming


Sep 21, 2021
Your age? 24

The ALIAS you use regularly and PLEASE include your FIRST NAME GangstaPacMan / Logan

Your STEAM ID (If applicable) 76561198358932857

Discord User Name GangstaPacMan

What game or games would you like to represent TBG? All of Battlefield games and any misc game that people will enjoy on the side.

What TBG server(s) do you primarily play on? [TBG] 60Hz | RUSH MAPS + DLC | ALL WEAPONS | / Conquest / locker

Where are you located? Rougemont North Carolina

What is your Occupation/School? Carpenter / Painter

Are you consistently able to support TBG financially? Yes

What made you apply to us? Admin Tru and Irish are great guys ive met and outstanding admins. I am willing to contribute TBG in community service as in keeping players engaged and making organized events with other admins permissions as in gun game, jet superiority and many more not only with BF4!

Will you be active and dedicated to TBG? This may include populating or seeding servers. Yes

Can you fluently understand the English language? Yes.

Any additional comments you would like to add? i thoroughly love recruiting new players (60-80% will be following me into TBG from another clan) I have talked to Tru about the plans i have for TBG to be and even BETTER clan! i love to organize game matches, team grouping, game grouping so others can find others to play with more easily! and much more! All around I am willing to contribute to the TBG clan thinks i will be best at. Hope to see yall on the battlefield!
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