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  1. Soulzz

    Application to Join

    @Irishian88J @TruFreelancer
  2. Soulzz

    Whitelist Request

    @Clompers any word?
  3. Soulzz

    Kicked by ping

    We have the ping kick on for performance reasons, I believe. @Matt(FAST) can help.
  4. Soulzz

    Whitelist request(paid already)

    Will take effect next round!
  5. Soulzz

    Whitelist request(paid already)

    adding you now sir! ThankS!
  6. Soulzz

    Got kicked by admin all the time

    @ryder007 it sounds like the proxy may be masking your IP. @Matt(FAST) do we need to whitelist him?
  7. Soulzz

    Whitelist Request

    Hi Clompers, Thank you for your interest!@ Whitelist is $5 a month or $60 yearly. If you are interested, select the middle option - and let me know. Then I will add you to both servers.
  8. Soulzz

    Counter-Strike: Source TBG Server MOTD.

    To be fair, we don't recruit on CS:GO. It's just a server. I appreciate the feedback, but it's just a node at this point.
  9. Soulzz

    Got kicked by admin all the time

    I think you included your response in the quote by accident. If you play without the proxy, are you able to join?
  10. Soulzz


    I'm not sure if Halo will have dedicated servers. At this point, we have lots of growth opportunity in Squad and BF3/BF4, including some other games on the horizon. :)
  11. Soulzz

    How Do You Report Someone Who Is being Abusive/Threatening Over The VOIP Squad In Bf4

    If you have ShadowPlay, I believe that records audio.
  12. Soulzz

    Moving "Join us"

    We'll consider it. It's really never been brought up before on the new layout, as I recall. If we did this, it would probably have to apply to certain other application forms. Pretty soon it would just clutter the menu bar. Chose to keep it simple, for speedy navigation and sleek UI...
  13. Soulzz

    Just curious

    @Irishian88J @TruFreelancer @Matt(FAST) Someone will respond, typically in 24-36 hours.
  14. Soulzz

    Reporting a Player

    @TruFreelancer @Matt(FAST) @Irishian88J
  15. Soulzz

    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    One of our SA's will be with you in the next 24 hours.
  16. Soulzz

    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    @Zula @spott101 @The Purple Lemon
  17. Soulzz

    Request Discord Access Here - ACTIVE

    Not for ban appeals, we have a form for that.
  18. Soulzz

    UCAV spamming

    You guys have the corniest sense of humor. Love it!
  19. Soulzz

    Application to join

    Welcome! Glad to see you hit the golden age of 21! @Zula @The Purple Lemon @spott101
  20. Soulzz

    Forum name change request

    @Garyn Fett Let me get this straight. You've been registered on our website since 2017. Surely, you know that we run a top-notch service that people are more then happy to contribute to. Also, you're 3 years younger than me, 28, but you're well past college age (21-22). That really shocks...