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    [2142] Battlefield 2142 Still up and Running in 2019

    This was my fav BF game..
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    NVIDIA Security Updates. Major vulnerability fixes.

    Thanks Irish!
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    PC Gaming Headsets

    Hi all. My Logitech G35 Gaming headset head mount is about to break so i guess i'm back in the market for a headset. I love over the ear, which cancels noise. This is my 3rd pair of the Logitech G35 and I love it, but it looks like they quite making it. Any suggestions? I don't mind wired...
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    BFV5 RSP

    oh HELL yeah!
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    If you like Break Dancing

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    Anybody do screen printing?

    I hit print screen allot on my keyboard... does that count? :p
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    Hey there fellers

    Welcome :)
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    Discount Site Have any of you ever used this?
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    [BF4] Where is the BF4 server with all the naval maps?

    That's only because of the server population list problem at the server query screen. Every time that issue happens all of the servers go down in population. The servers like naval which often never completely fill take the hardest beating when it happens, and recover slower when it's fixed...
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    [BF4] Where is the BF4 server with all the naval maps?

    Naval maps is gone? That was one of my fav's :(
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    WD Black NVMe M.2 2280 1TB on Sale - Newegg
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    Dawn of Man

    I came across this game in Steam. It's an indie game but i think well made. Probably not for everyone but it's basically a RTS survival game, single player. It reminds me a little bit of the facebook games you put on your phone. You basically just build a small city, starting in the...
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    Not jealous *cough*
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    Recruit reporting for duty!

    Welcome :)
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    Vocals Only - Boston

    I've always been way impressed with the vocals of this band.
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    Anyone interested in this?

    Mechwarrior 5
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    Logitech G903 gaming mouse

    Yeah it's mostly this model.
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    Logitech G903 gaming mouse

    Don't buy it.. My mouse is double clicking, triple...