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  1. IRussao

    Battlefield Cyberpunk 2077 - Game Feature

    Thx, the tank on roof was done with C4 and mine(not me), if there are enough explosives you can send anything to sky. The Santas was a Battlefield CTE event on Christmas. The other stuffs are battlefield bugs, like invisible knife and long neck. You missed the player on locker, that was a...
  2. IRussao

    Reporting a Player

    Also, someone asked for an admin on pearl market only server: and then he reveal his secret to be the master of hip fire, I think he slipped up "mouse settings" = macro: You can see this conversation on the 1st post(1st video)
  3. IRussao

    Reporting a Player

    User name: IRussao What is your in-game alias? IRussao What is the game server name? PEARL MARKET INFANTRY 24/7 | TBGCLAN.COM | 1600TICK Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: pretty much every day Which player are you reporting? TiSpinalFusion Offense committed cheating...
  4. IRussao

    Little Bird practice.

    I made a little video showing how I fly and shoot on test range map, you can see in real time the key that I am using to fly, the test range map is great for practicing, if anyone wanna get better at the little bird, you can try to do the same thing I was doing on this video, shooting trees...
  5. IRussao

    Cycle Touring

    Hi, I like cycling and basketball and from time to time I do Cycle Touring(cycling trips / "tourism" with a bicycle). So I made an amateur documentary about my trip, I was trying to focus on pedal itself and there are a few basketball games, it's a 2200 miles trip(Rio de Janeiro to Fortaleza)...
  6. IRussao

    Thank you for the Pearl Market server

    I agree, I wish there was just one more infantry map added to rotation, like Lumphini or Guilin Peaks. But claymore market was such a fresh change, so many servers running locker/metro, I do miss Lumphini/Guilin Peaks.
  7. IRussao

    Request - Commander Mode on the Pearl Market Server

    Map it's too small for commander, you get spotted all the time and it would be a huge advantage for players that like to play with mortar and ucav from uncap, It's already hard enough to avoid ucav and mortar, being spotted all the time would make it 10 times worse + all the reasons pinchy...
  8. IRussao

    bug: no ping enforcer

    Some players, when they join the server, there is no ping, but not because they have it disabled, but because for some reason it takes more time to update the ping, like 3 minutes, but then the plugin kick the player because there is no ping, if there was no kick during that 3 minutes, the...
  9. IRussao

    Reporting a player

    User Name IRussao Please fill out as much information as possible. What is the game server name?** ## - AIR MAPS BASE MAPS CONQUEST | NO LAG ### Which Game is this for?** Battlefield 4 Date/time:** 09/16/2017 Would be helpful to indicate the time. right now Player's name**...