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  1. tilr

    BF1 Servers not on the list

    Ah, gotcha. I was under the impression you had BF1 servers given the Discord channels. Thanks
  2. tilr

    BF1 Servers not on the list

    I recently tried searching for TBG BF1 servers in-game, and nothing comes up. I'm beginning to think if it's just EA/BF1 and their wonky user interface that almost never works, but I was curious if I could get IP's to the servers possibly, so maybe I can remotely connect?
  3. tilr

    Requesting to join TrueBornGaming

    We reserve the right to do background check on every applicants' history (mostly if they have any prior cheating violations) We also have the right to remove any members if they create problems (drama) within the group. ***FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR COD SERIES. DO NOT. YOU WERE GIVEN FALSE...