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    Ban Appeal

    Razor banned you because you were teleporting around on A. I guess the proper phrase here would be removed -- three of us saw you teleporting and, as such, it was a removal as we can't have that in the server. It's not really a cheat accusation but rather a removal for an issue that was...
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    Reporting a Player

    And there is no reigning in needed.
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    Reporting a Player

    Actually what is not allowed is being cantankerous about us. You called us assholes then talked shit when he got killed. We appreciate people helping look out for the server, but complaining incessantly is really annoying. So to be clear, I fully support him kicking you out of spectate and...
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    Gone 4 a week

    Enjoy the Hampton Inn
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    ChuckTheHammer Baby

    Charles Martel, aka Charles The Hammer, vanquishing the horde and saving what would be France. Yeah, that's me on the white horse.
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    ChuckTheHammer Baby

    I know you bitches are jealous. . .I'm on the wall at Versailles!
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    SITREP: Build Progress

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    10-29-16 Suez

    Always a ray of sunshine Soulz. Operator, what's the overlay?
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    BF1 Pistol Envy

    That's awesome.
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    BF1 update

    Only Sixer's will be banned
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    BF1 update

    The details of their plans should have been released by now, but if they want to make more money and limit third party software that leads to a hacker's paradise that is fine by me. If they are making their own admin tool great, but we need to have the ability to control the server environment...
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    Kids are gone!

    1. Are the kids ever coming back to visit? 2. What's on tap?
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    Appealing my ban

    My RCon is unresponsive right now; tried several times. Operator?
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    BF1 Analysis so far, Post here your thoughts

    Now Mac, that would be a game. And close quarters in this game would be cool
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    BF1 Code issues

    Thanks Medic; that helps a lot.
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    BF1 Code issues

    Yeah, I tried. They were very nice and said they would try to get another one out, but that I may have to wait until tonight. Not really a big deal.
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    BF1 Code issues

    Anyone have issues with the beta code? I signed up for PC but got an XBox one code
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    Player Using Racist Slang

    That would be a permanent all server ban. Thanks for the report.
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    Spectator access for the TBG 24/7 Locker BF4 server.

    Sorry Medic; I have been dealing with some family issues and have not been on. The deed is done.
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    Spectator access for the TBG 24/7 Locker BF4 server.

    I can help you out on this Medic. What is the exact spelling of your in-game name? Also, is Slapshotz still active on the server? For the time being I'll replace Ash with Medic. Anyone who needs it can always ask and we can move people around, even if it is just temporary.