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  1. StabemKillerman

    Hello to all ... I just joined

    so when you say "bf3" you are referring to the game and not your penis right? I didn't know you Canadians could uninstall your unit and then actually reinstall it!!! Wow the things people can do these day's.......
  2. StabemKillerman

    Happy Holidays to all

    Happy Christmas Matt!
  3. StabemKillerman


    everybody on this thread except me is gay. Jhonny more so that anybody else he's actually GHay! lol
  4. StabemKillerman

    Post your gats

    I have 2 Ariska type 99's one was sporterized no mum, the one below my MG34 is 98% complete and the mum is intact! I have a k89k bnz41, two mosins 1 M44 tula arsenal (rare) and an 1891/30, Short magazine Lee Enfield, and of course the MG34. It's original except for the receiver of course as i...
  5. StabemKillerman

    Post your gats

    Latest acquisition
  6. StabemKillerman

    What do you guys think of this logo??

    can't your (BF) Boy Friend get his own? LOL
  7. StabemKillerman

    My first jack o'lantern

    very nice and pretty original too!
  8. StabemKillerman

    Pulled the trigger

    what's all that green stuff on the ground?
  9. StabemKillerman

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    amazing singer, we need more like her and not some of these no talent auto tuners
  10. StabemKillerman

    Monday morning levity

  11. StabemKillerman

    R Lee Ermey passed away today

    to the Gunny, Fair winds and following seas my brother, Semper Fidelis
  12. StabemKillerman

    Graphic's Cards

    GTX 1080. I have had it for almost two years and I'm still super happy and it does everything i want/need it to do. if i didn't have this card i'd have a GTX 1080TI. There are cheaper cards but it's totally worth it. two years in and i have had zero thoughts about needing an "upgrade" Nvidia is...
  13. StabemKillerman

    Back from deployment, Got some new toys.

    nice place, i was there from 95 to 98. I'm not much of an east coast guy and the weather there sucks but i had a good time and made some good friends.
  14. StabemKillerman

    Back from deployment, Got some new toys.

    where you stationed at? Pendleton or Lejuene?
  15. StabemKillerman

    East Coast Storm

    for all dealing with this storm stay safe and warm! out here on the best coast, it was 72 today
  16. StabemKillerman

    True Born Gaming is now 10 years old!

    so since TBG is 10 years old on Jan 1st 2008 that makes us 20 years old then?
  17. StabemKillerman

    It's A Boy! (But we already knew that lol)

    Sorry for being tardy with this post but i've been a "bit" busy. Anyway born 112117 @ 1210 6Lbs 12 Oz 19.5 inches long, 10 fingers, 10 toes and healthy as a horse!