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    NFL Playoffs

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    Help rate my pc build

    Since I have Dell credit, if I had to go with Dell this is comparable right?
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    Help rate my pc build

    That's really expensive. I don't know that I'm ready to pay $900 for a new monitor.
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    Gem that I found

    it's really cool, every time i think i'm going to get bored they give you something new. Not only that but depth (sorry for the pun) . Last night I got the mini sub, and that allowed me to go to 200 meteres before using my oxygen. So I could dive to 500 m. New world... and there is so much...
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    Gem that I found

    Subnautica It's a single player underwater survival game and it's incredibly addicting. Found it through IGN's best games of 2018. $12 on sale on Steam.
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    Post Mortem

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    Back from a long break

    Welcome Back :)
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    Lewis Gun

    There are ALLOT of scoring factors in this game..
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    Lewis Gun

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    Best BF5 Ninjas

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    Mother Sky

    Yeah I guess you're right. I only discovered them before their last album came out, but in the scope of things they are new to me.
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    Collateral! live

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    Mother Sky

    Love this band... Fresh..
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    Warming up to BFV

    I like 5. I've had fun with it. Better than 1. Squad is meh..
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    Need a New Gaming Headset

    I'm on my second set of Logitec G35 USB over the ear. I really love the sound quality and effects.
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    BF5 - New Patch

    What do you guys think? Any improvements?
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    Help rate my pc build

    Hi all, I don't really keep up with gaming PC specs like allot of you. I wanted to throw my build out there and tell me honestly what you think and if I should change anything. I have an Intel i7-4820k 3.7 GHz 16 GB Ram (highest speed my motherboard will take) NVIDIA GTX 980 TI 6144 MB GDDR 5...
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    What do you guys think of this logo??

    Can someone make me a logo for bf5?
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    What do you guys think of this logo??

    I need an emblem for BF