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  1. smokerob79

    Favorite Servers

    @Delvious "we cover every single base lol" .....looks for rush server......:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:....our rush server at 1 point was 7th for most played in the game....
  2. smokerob79

    Epic Doomness..

    i have ended up in a tank on top of the high buildings in least i know how i got there.....and man talk about a EOD wet dream in lockers....
  3. smokerob79

    Southern California wtf smh

    its cali....i had a heroin addict puke on my shoes in san fran and my car got stolen in LA.....
  4. smokerob79

    Reporting a Player

    User name: smokerob79 What is your in-game alias? smokerob What is the game server name? 2 3 maps BF4 Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: 6/21/20 around 6:45ish Which player are you reporting? Mighty_Santa Offense committed giving away tanks, LAVs and...
  5. smokerob79

    Possible BF6 to be set in modern day

    man i would love to see Bad Company 3 happen.....i hated BF3 and 4.....i only play 4 because the servers for BC2 are really dead.....
  6. smokerob79

    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    @Graphic-J ....."overcooked" was up on the 4th BUT ARK Survival Evolved: is now up for free...your source was good....just off on 1 date.... "ARK Survival Evolved" and "Samurai Showdown neogeo collection" are both up free right now on epic's game store until the 18th...
  7. smokerob79

    Social Distancing

    MOOOOOOMMMMM....MOOOMMMOOOOMMMOOOO.....translation....i wont be the guy on the ass end of the cow.....hehe
  8. smokerob79

    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    @Graphic-J were game is the borderlands collection.....its up right now for free for the next week....
  9. smokerob79

    I bought another Q300L. Plus a $10 "Broken" Motherboard.

    oh i see the double stack on the bracket now....been doing this as of late myself...i have tons of laptop drive laying around and they make for free storage...need to find brackets like that...i always have to under sling the second drive in the brackets i do have using the bottom mount on the...
  10. smokerob79

    I bought another Q300L. Plus a $10 "Broken" Motherboard.

    see this is real gaming right here....what can you slap together and get a system it going to slay shit at 240hz no but it will still game....only thing i would add to it is a 500gb plus harddrive...that 128 will go fast...
  11. smokerob79

    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    10 Second Ninja X is free right now on steam....just click the link and add it to your steam account from its main store page also Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is free on epics store...
  12. smokerob79

    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    yeah i have been trying to get GTA5 in the chart for the last 2 hours and all i get is the error..... just to repost so it does not get lost at the end of the last page...
  13. smokerob79

    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    i know people hate EPIC store front BUT they are giving away GTA5 right now for free with a included starter pack of a million dollars.... scroll down the page to find the free is free until 5/21/20
  14. smokerob79

    Looking to upgrade to 4k...maybe

    ^^^he went crazy...but he got a monitor that will last years....i would love to have a monitor like that..... as for bellybutton, you are doing great so far...i would say go 1440p with what you have, to give you years of gaming without changing can do 4k playing with settings in...
  15. smokerob79

    Looking to upgrade to 4k...maybe

    agreed....1440p is a great place to be simply because it does not need a 1000 dollar plus GPU to stay over 60 frames in most games....i run a 32inch monitor at 1440p with a GTX1070 and rarely drop under 60 frames in any game with a lot of the settings maxed out....i am able to run the new doom...
  16. smokerob79

    Hi! My name is SgtB0t

    i miss bad company 2....i hope the next game is BC3....
  17. smokerob79

    PC Build Suggestions

    ok on the motherboards....the 5 series boards will give you PCI-E 4.0 support....any of the 4 series boards or back are only 3.0....also some of the 4 series boards need BIOS updates to run the new 3 series chips...if you get a 4 series board make sure its supports 3 series chips out of the...
  18. smokerob79

    Hope all is well.

    at least you got to keep your kidney. my brother had to have one of his removed over the same thing. no matter what keep getting checked and follow the doctors if they say change your diet and drink more water....hope everything turns out well friend...