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    TBG Infantry Only Suggestions

    I can have it set to lockers sure. !assist works with ADK and we never used it. If there is a code that allows you to run it with procon, I could add it but I havent found anything for it with a quick search. I can look into finding a way to have pearl show up more often. There is way to...
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    Hell Let Loose server

    Will play it this weekend. We have a 100 slot server running now.
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    Reporting a Player

    Kicked with a warning message
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    Reporting a Player

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    Reporting a Player

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    hello to tbg people

    Welcome to our forums. I too am a victim of his rockets :D Join us on discord and we can give you your intro to your membership first (if it has not been done yet).
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    New to TBG - EnviousRebel

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Reporting a Player

    Yes to both and banned them. Thanks
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    New to TBG clan

    Hi Mike! Nice intro. Welcome to our forums :)
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    TBG introduction

    Great intro dean! :) Not going to welcome you since you’ve been here for a long while now :)
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    the new guy

    Welcome! I play a lot of pool as well. Too bad the bars aren’t open (indoors at least). I’m dying to play pool :D
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    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    Hi!, Please check your PM
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    Server timeout 07/24/2020 2:27pm CST

    Thanks, I will see what happened.
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    M1911 in BF3

    Im not personally sure. But have you tried YouTube? Usually there are tutorial videos
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    Reporting a Player

    That's childish and definitely not helping the team but i didnt see any C4 explode?
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    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    Welcome glad to see you apply! :)
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    Reporting a Player

    A video of your gameplay would have been perfect. I checked the link you provided but it doesn’t show enough stats and some of the stats are bit inflated. I also checked him here but nothing definitive. We have some admins that are in bf3. Perhaps they can keep an eye on him...
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    Battlefield 4 Server Suggestion

    Hi thanks for the suggestion and sorry to hear you are having a negative experience on this particular server. If it’s feasible for us in the future, sure we could consider but not something we can do at this current time.
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    Reporting a Player

    Thanks will ban