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  1. timmytim

    [Squad] What FPS are you getting? And what hardware?

    Yes I play several other games and have no issues with those. I'm just gonna build a new machine I think, lol.
  2. timmytim

    [Squad] What FPS are you getting? And what hardware?

    Hmmm, I took all the recent Windows updates and I remember that the Meltdown/Spectre patches were pushed out but I thought Microsoft pulled them for some reason. I will definitely check that out. Just as an update... I disabled the Xbox DVR thingy and followed some other quick fixes from that...
  3. timmytim

    [Squad] What FPS are you getting? And what hardware?

    Yeah, i'm current on all windows updates, drivers, BIOS, etc. SSD Firmware is current too.... I'm anal about that kind of stuff as I work in IT. I have not checked temps... I should def do that because my PC originally had a Core i5 and I put the Core i7 2600 (not k) in there and used the same...
  4. timmytim

    [Squad] What FPS are you getting? And what hardware?

    I def need to build a new PC. It's just so damn expensive, lol. Good thing is I already have the video card and SSD so that will save some coin
  5. timmytim

    Do you drive a Ford Focus, Fusion, or Lincoln MKZ?

    I recommend that everyone purchase and keep with them a cheap pair of vice grips. They come in handy for situations such as these.
  6. timmytim

    [Squad] What FPS are you getting? And what hardware?

    I just cleared the appdata and performed a few other of the tweaks that I found in this guide: and saw a little improvement (~40 FPS) but was on a map without a lot of fog.... can't remember the name...
  7. timmytim

    [Squad] What FPS are you getting? And what hardware?

    300GB free at the moment. Fresh windows install recently as well. Had the problem before the reinstall so that isn't related
  8. timmytim

    [Squad] What FPS are you getting? And what hardware?

    Hey, Squaddies. I'm trying to find my bottleneck that is causing me to average 35 FPS in Squad after the v10 update. I know there are some issues with the v10 update causing lower FPS for a lot of people but I was getting about 50-60 before the update and none of my hardware changed. My rig...
  9. timmytim

    Hi everyone !

    Hey, man. Welcome! A lot of Squad players here, myself included. Hope to see you on the battlefield soon :)
  10. timmytim


    Welcome. For the record I am originally from Baltimore and I LOVE Old Bay (the seasoning) on my steamed blue crabs and shrimp.
  11. timmytim

    Checking In!

    Welcome! I like to game during the day too. Hope to see you on there.
  12. timmytim

    New insurgency game trailer

  13. timmytim

    I just don't know how you guys do it?

    Squad is not a run-n-gun or fragging type of game. I've had several matches where I was in the highest-scoring squad and had the highest points in the Squad and I didn't get a single kill. I agree with everything these guys said above. Squad is alllll about working as a team. Focus on...
  14. timmytim

    Hey All

    Welcome, Rush! Don't let these guys scare you off. They'll grow on you :) What games are you currently playing / looking to play?
  15. timmytim

    New insurgency game trailer

    Is it weird that I have an erection after watching that trailer? I have been waiting so patiently for this game. I cannot wait!
  16. timmytim

    [Squad] SUMARI BALA V1 or V2 or V3? Vote

    No one ever tags me in Squad posts :( I voted for v2 fwiw
  17. timmytim

    About me

    Dude, it has been awesome playing with you (referring to Squad) the last few times. Welcome. You'll fit in nicely around here :)
  18. timmytim

    From yesterday

    lmfao. That dude had it out for him. I love right around 6:00 when he knifes him and then proceeds to teabag him, lol
  19. timmytim

    [Squad] Hello!

    Welcome! Glad to see more Squaddies