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  1. FuBaNaToR

    Old Farts Who Still Game

    ill be the BIG 50 this year.. reflex not as good as it once was and getting hard to see lol. This old fart stilling gaming:) Playing COD warzone with my daughter, Hurry up DAD! GOD YOUR SOOOO SLOW! Lmao
  2. FuBaNaToR

    Has anyone viewed or played CODMW single player?

    i have been playing COD Warzone , its free . i have the complete game . Its fun and a lot better than i thought it would be. My daughter talked me into to it , we play together . in game name FuBaNaToR
  3. FuBaNaToR

    Anyone's Health or job affected by COVID-19 yet?

    Healthy but broke.... bills are some what paid. Hoping to get back to work soon.
  4. FuBaNaToR

    PC upgrade! With VR Rift s

    I'm playing War Dust on VR atm, its like BF4 , all i can say is WOW! VR has come a long way. Amazing , you have to really load your weapon ect. Worth every penny. I hope you get one ,you will love it!
  5. FuBaNaToR

    PC upgrade! With VR Rift s

    Did not know that, ill go get one. Thanks for the help:)
  6. FuBaNaToR

    PC upgrade! With VR Rift s

    Anyone else Play VR ?
  7. FuBaNaToR

    Hi, I'm rubbed ribs

    damm , Come on man. Still mad about the heli hazing when you joined TBG? LOL!
  8. FuBaNaToR

    Hi, I'm rubbed ribs

    NICE!!! I'll be there in 5 minutes.
  9. FuBaNaToR

    Hi, I'm rubbed ribs

    very nice ribs :)
  10. FuBaNaToR

    Please help with this situation!

    do you have a joystick hooked up? or game pad?
  11. FuBaNaToR

    Redid my pc

    hmm, I think I know. see whore's from way back would put a red light in the window . Well Sixer is a gaming whore , so the red fits him perfect! :D
  12. FuBaNaToR

    Redid my pc

    Amazing bro. you da man!
  13. FuBaNaToR

    Redid my pc

    daaamm!! , nice work, wanna do mine next?
  14. FuBaNaToR

    BF2/3 rotation Poll:

    bump , Let DV LIVE AGAIN!
  15. FuBaNaToR

    [BF4] Dragon Valley , can we add it to bf2/3 maps?

    Nov 27, 2016 4:23:03 pm 34 [al] AMARUa Make Dragon Valley GREAT AGAIN! Nov 27, 2016 4:22:40 pm 34 [al] AMARUa i miss Dragon Valley. Nov 27, 2016 2:47:59 pm 5 MEX_cuz_I_CAN 2 short, add DragoN Valley Nov 27, 2016 12:24:02 am 5 MEX_cuz_I_CAN dragon valley is next right? :D Nov 26, 2016...
  16. FuBaNaToR

    [BF4] Dragon Valley , can we add it to bf2/3 maps?

    lot of the Dragon Valley server players now play on BF3/BF2 server. Now that the Dragon valley server is gone and many other bf4 clan servers are gone, players are looking for a new server to call home. I really think Dragon Valley map would do better this time on BF3/BF2 map server as many...
  17. FuBaNaToR

    [BF4] Dragon Valley , can we add it to bf2/3 maps?

    A few players have asked if we could add Dragon Valley to bf3 /bf2 map server. or a test run to see . I wouldn't mind at all:) Great map , miss it.
  18. FuBaNaToR

    Beat my record

    somebody check this guys stats!! AIM BOT ESP WALLS! Good job HACKER!
  19. FuBaNaToR

    I am a Granpa now!

    Damm i'm getting old , My wife , daughter and grand baby :)
  20. FuBaNaToR

    Go big or go home! 165mhz FTW!

    Yes Sir! Very smooth looking game now. I am getting no stuck pixels or bleeding on edges . Works well with my new EVGA GTX 980 TI SC 6gig card , may pick up a second one because I have always ran SLI . First time not buying 2 cards. The new monitor was a little more than I was planning on...