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  1. cplmac


    Bamajuggernaut and I played a good amount of this over the winter and it's a MUCH better game now. There are now vehicles so the walking simulator has been somewhat remedied but getting a vehicle running can easily be an all day enterprise. They have also added base building but it's a very...
  2. cplmac

    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    LOL, every single one of those cards is out of stock...The ones that don't outright say out of stock don't ship until April 26th. I'm telling you, the shortage is real. I've been building computers for 20 years now, never seen this before with any major component. Except for that time...
  3. cplmac

    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    I honestly don't even know why I need a good card, I'm not good enough at any of these games to see a gameplay benefit...I mean I guess it will be cool to see a T-Rex eat me in 4k Ultra...
  4. cplmac

    2017 F150 Ecoboost(TT) or 2017 Tacoma(OR)

    I've got a 2013 F150, not the Ecoboost but the truck mechanically aside from that will be identical. I love it, and it's not a full size truck the F150 is a midsize half ton. You can use it to haul, I pull my 7x16 enclosed trailer loaded up to 10,000 pounds for fireworks shows and the truck...
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    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    Yup that has been my rule for 15 years, I finally decided to step up and buy an ass kicking card. Even the $300 cards are gone though.
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    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    Problem is solved, a good citizen of our community had one for sale. Almost the exact card I was looking for. Turns out 1080TIs ARE being used to mine ETH but they are changing the accepted form of proofing in the not too distant future that should alleviate this problem and since ETH is more...
  7. cplmac

    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    Kick that piece of shit right in the balls for me please. Altered I have also heard rumors that the new Volta cards might be coming out soon but there hasn't been any real news from nVidia on that.
  8. cplmac

    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    Nah it doesn't have to be a 1080, I'm trying to decide whether or not to just hold off for a few months more and see if the year long shortage abates. I can get my hands on a 970 which would be a huge step up from my 560. It's ironic that after all these years of gaming when I finally decide...
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    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    Yeah I haven't bought a console since my Playstation one in 1996, I'm seriously considering going back to consoles. Are they as usable on the web? I mean if you wanted to could you use your latest XBOX to hop on the forums here and post or use discord? Asking for a friend...
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    Buying a new videocard? LOL good luck....

    So I finally decided to pull the trigger and get a 1080Ti last night, I had no idea what I was in for. I settled on the EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 Hybrid, a great card and not cheap at about $850 on EVGA'S site. I had no idea that buying a video card today was simply not possible much less buying the...
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    80f 48hours ago

    I was plowing state highways until 7am, wasn't too bad. This has been an extremely slow snow season in Chicago. Today was our first measurable snow and it's week 2 of December, that is almost unheard of.
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    I prefer Eightdust
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    JS Test servers taken down for weekend after Friday night patch fail

    So even though DB says they don't patch on Fridays for exactly this reason they released a patch late last night that Quantum and I can testify broke the game. Rather than roll the test server back to a working version they are simply taking all servers offline for the weekend...
  14. cplmac

    Cow Appreciation Day - Moo!

    Hauling crude, I pulled tankers there for the winter Oct. 14-Mar. 15
  15. cplmac

    Cow Appreciation Day - Moo!

    This picture has been on my fridge for more than ten years... Deputy Swan I drove past that Holstein a couple years ago on my way back from Watford City.
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    Thoughts go out to our friends across the pond

    I hope you and your friends and family are all okay.
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    So Rain finally proposed, got engaged.

    Way to go Rain, good luck amigo.
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    The CW network had a $300k 75 man team H1Z1 tournament Pretty cool, interesting to see every team play a king of the hill tournament in real time.
  19. cplmac

    Out for 6 weeks for ITX

    We used to call that CAX, I did it in '97 with the British and Dutch Marines at 29 Stumps. Have fun feeding the domesticated coyotes, and don't run over any of the elusive "desert tortoises".