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    Old Farts Who Still Game

    38 here.. im still young
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    Mordhau on Steam

    no voice chat in the game. just taunt messages like in chivalry
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    Mordhau on Steam

    I just want to let you guys know that this game is really good in my opinion. Based in medieval times, You customize your player, there's different types of fighters and the game play is good. If you have played the game Chivalry from Torn Banner, this is an upgrade of that game play. Made with...
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Xmas!
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    New Tower build

    dual monitors with eat up half of your budget and leave nothing for your build. 1200 would just be for your build and run a regular monitor. I spent around 1000 on my own build but i had the video card already (GTX 1080Ti). but now that they have good AMD I wouldn't know which amd to get. and...
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    New rig

    I would only change the main drive like @smokerob79 said. definitely worth it. I have a 512gb one but now i regret not buying the 1tb version. I also use 4tb for storing movies that i like and save to watch whenever i want, and have another 2tb hard drive for personal files and saved programs...
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    Word of gratitude

    Welcome and thanks.
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    Curved monitors

    wall mount
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    Curved monitors

    wall mount the monitor..
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    Hello from New York

    Welcome Brotha.. UCAV fo Life
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    Papa Pilot

    Welcome brotha!
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    HELP! Is my WAN port dead?

    you can also disable network adapters when switching, could be better than getting behind pc and unplugging all the time
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    Hello all you TBG's

    Welcome, hopefully see you in game.
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    Just Registered On The Board

    Welcome Major!
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    Report A Player

    User name: 5I5O What is your in-game alias? [TBGr]5I5O What is the game server name? Hardcore Server Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: 7pm ish Which player are you reporting? AhmadShahMassoud Offense committed Intentional TK Please provide evidence can be anything...
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    HELP! Is my WAN port dead?

    I read the article.. it sounds promising. try it out.
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    Whats up TBG!