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  1. ShotgunRCAF

    Flanking the enemy

    My latest youtube Squad video....Sneaky Sneaky!
  2. ShotgunRCAF

    Medal of Honor

    Now I understand your signature Matt.....its ok, you will probably be alright.....I think! o_O I agree, World at War was pretty awesome and I was hoping that the new COD WW2 was going to be its remake....but nope just another BlackOps
  3. ShotgunRCAF

    BF V reveal date. You know u wanna watch.

    OMG!!!......Its a new COD WW2 Remastered with Tonka Toys :eek:
  4. ShotgunRCAF

    Battlefield V

    Looks more like a COD want to be!
  5. ShotgunRCAF

    Medal of Honor

    How many here were passionate about Medal of Honor before EA destroyed it.
  6. ShotgunRCAF


    I removed video for now, let me know if you need it back up for any reason, Purple Lemon
  7. ShotgunRCAF

    Request Discord Access Here - ACTIVE

    Required Info Age: 60 Reason you are requesting the info: Talk to members in game Is this regarding a Ban Appeal? No Optional Info In Game Name: ShotgunRCAF Steam ID: Twitter: Youtube...
  8. ShotgunRCAF


    Just minding my own business, playing in the TBG sand box with my 30Mil Armored Vehicle waiting for my team mate when all of a sudden I get swarmed by a Bully with a fetish....PEW PEW....sorry to say my game crashed because of it. I think his Mommy needs to teach him some good, or...
  9. ShotgunRCAF

    Squad whitelist request

    Well I tried to join the server when it was full, the white list isn't working for me.:(
  10. ShotgunRCAF

    Squad whitelist request

    Thanks ;)
  11. ShotgunRCAF

    Squad whitelist request

    I request Squad whitelist, thanks ;) If you ever want to do background checks on players Soulzz, this is the best tool I know of, it also gives you Ban info :
  12. ShotgunRCAF

    Working with Substance

    If someone sends me their FBX I can certainly create texture sets for them ;)
  13. ShotgunRCAF

    Working with Substance

    Substance Painter by Allegorithmic is the best tool for the job when it comes to creating texture sets for the gaming industry I have been working with it for the past 4 years and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I promised to post a little about what I do, so...
  14. ShotgunRCAF


    H-HOUR WORLD'S ELITE is an Early Access UE4 game on Steam, a spiritual successor to the Socom series games. It also has steam workshop tools for those who enjoy creating maps. Here is a video of game play and a few of the community created maps, by my friend mostru24:
  15. ShotgunRCAF

    Five Finger Death Punch- Bad Company

    I like BAD COMPANY......get me some of that!!!
  16. ShotgunRCAF

    New Recruit

    Welcome to the JUNGLE Gojoz ;)
  17. ShotgunRCAF

    Wassup TBG

    Ya Hozer.... I bought it at Canadian Tire eh!
  18. ShotgunRCAF

    Wassup TBG

    Long time Gamer here, I met Soulzz helping him seed the server and I decide to register on the TBG website and TS. Thanks for your help Soulzz. I have been playing Squad since day one Kickstarter and I fell in love with the tactical team base approach of this game, I have been looking for like...