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  1. Cowbell Kevin

    Guess who's going to the AFC Championship game?

    Momma said.... Foseball is for the Debil...
  2. Cowbell Kevin

    PC Build Suggestions

    We all use @JoeLeb as much as possible...
  3. Cowbell Kevin

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I did... but I can't say anything about it because my wife doesn't know I have a girlfriend to stuff...
  4. Cowbell Kevin

    Guess Who's Back

  5. Cowbell Kevin

    Battlefield V - Black Friday Sale

    I left a message on the Battlefield forums yesterday basically saying goodbye and that they had lost a customer over this change. I will just have to start playing BF4 or BF1 again if I need a fix.
  6. Cowbell Kevin

    Battlefield V - Black Friday Sale

    I think the guys you mentioned are playing either GTA or RDR2.
  7. Cowbell Kevin

    Battlefield V - Black Friday Sale

    Personally.. they are getting ready to screw up the game again. Around February, they will revert it back to the way it is now because of all of the complaining. They are increasing the time to kill again to make it easier for the new players and adding some kind of automatic spotting...
  8. Cowbell Kevin

    [BF5] Don't get Droop Snoot'ed in BFV ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    But... TTK is the problem.. lol!
  9. Cowbell Kevin

    Game night/day

    I almost replied to this thread three different times. @Howitzer nailed it however. :)
  10. Cowbell Kevin

    Game night/day

    They are attempting to change the TTK again. This is only to make the game easier for the new players that bought the game for Christmas. I am just DONE with DICE screwing up the game. They are also adding a new "spotting" feature that will automatically ping you red when an enemy gets close...
  11. Cowbell Kevin

    Game night/day

    I play when my udders get hard... Usually only BFV anymore... but may quit that after next patch.
  12. Cowbell Kevin

    Woot! EA Returning to Steam

    I actually have a problem with Steam running in the background while playing BF-V. I get a reduction of about 10 to 20 frames.
  13. Cowbell Kevin

    In The News

  14. Cowbell Kevin

    In The News Just going to leave this one here... Moooo!!!!!!!
  15. Cowbell Kevin

    Curved monitors

    So you need a new desk... I would select one that is long.. hard.. and firm.. oh crap.. wait.. what are we talking about again?!?!
  16. Cowbell Kevin

    Curved monitors

    some people like them curved... depends on how they fit and how deep.. wait a minute.. what are we talking about?!?!?!
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  18. Cowbell Kevin


    Were you asking if it was dysfunctional?
  19. Cowbell Kevin

    Howdy, howdy, howdy

    I'm a dysfunctional cow... Mooo!! I usually do not like going to the vet. Too many shots.