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  1. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    PC Build Suggestions

    Buy the best you can afford.
  2. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    The new build

    Normally I rock the K65 and M65 from corsair. I wanted to change it up. I'm heavy handed on typing and also while gaming so I wanted to try the black switches. I absolutely love this keyboard and black switches.. I added the o-rings just to eliminate the loud clacking of the key bottoming out...
  3. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    The new build

    My headset I went wireless, but I have a under desk hanger with the charging cord attached, so it's effortless to plug it in.
  4. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    The new build

    I did actually. I just didn't want to have to worry about keeping it charged. I know they have that charging mouse pad, but I wanted a large mat. Also wired mice don't bother me anyways. How long does your battery last?
  5. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    The new build

    Well hello strangers, First off just wanted to say hi! I've been MIA for awhile. I've been busy with school, work.. you know, life. So, I've been dying to get back into gaming some and finally got the green light from the wifey. So, I just finished my build and wanted to post some pics/specs...
  6. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    First laptop repaste....

    What's up everyone! So I have a Asus GL704GW. It has a 8750h and 2070. I was getting thermal throttled at 95c on the CPU, The GPU was hitting 85c, don't think it was thermal throttling. After a repaste, the CPU and GPU still had same temps. I did an undervolt, that dropped everything a few...
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    I can't comment on anything as I'm not involved or have knowledge. I will say I've played with you enough, to know your a good guy. Donating your personal time to assist in keeping that server somewhat clear of bullshit is appreciated. I'm sure you've reported players that are legit, but I see...
  8. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Reporting a Player

    Taken care of.
  9. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    New Recruit

    Welcome. It's nice to see the Squad numbers grow. One day I'll give it a shot.
  10. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Reporting a Player

    Im in game. He's gone.
  11. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    All the RTX 2000-series Max-Q laptops

    I think the 144hz 1080p is a good fit for the 2000 series imo. Sure 1440p @ 120+ would have been somewhat better depending on what you want. The laptop 2070 still needs to be below max settings to push the frames. I find it works good for myself, since I like to have my settings max and still...
  12. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Need some help with Nighthawk R6700 Wifi Router

    Who is your ISP? If it's Spectrum/TWC/BHN/Charter. Let me know, I can check out your connection.
  13. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Logitech G903 gaming mouse

    I know we got a bunch of G series fans, but the M65 is my favorite. Extremely reliable, I've honestly NEVER had a single issue them. I also like a solid and heavy mouse. It does have adjustable weights, but I like it in stock form. Razor mice are pure garbage. I used to love them when I was...
  14. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Reporting a Player

    His main account- NaEpFuS Seems to be fine from what I have found. Anyone else is welcome to take a second look.
  15. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Reporting a player

    @Irishian88J did you ever get it to stick? if not can maybe @Soulzz give it a shot? Thanks.
  16. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Reporting a Player - FckfnbenisbadAdm

    No worries. Thanks for the report. I tried to give him a chance the other night.
  17. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Reporting a player

    @Irishian88J @TruFreelancer Can you guys try and Ban this guy for me? It's not working for me. Thanks.
  18. Chocolate_Ch3rry

    Reporting a Player

    Hello @IIIIKallio I looked him over when I was in game with you. I don't see anything at this time. However @Irishian88J can take a second look. Also just wanted you to know, I wasn't ignoring you while in game. I very rarely acknowledge hackusations in game. Most of the regulars rather just...