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  1. Carp

    Greta Van Fleet

    You sir have good taste!!
  2. Carp

    Greta Van Fleet

    My wife and I saw these guys earlier this year. They were pretty damn good.
  3. Carp

    Drums again

    That's bad ass. That's one expensive kit! Also, Breaking Benjamin rocks!!!!
  4. Carp

    New to Squad

    I'm really enjoying this game even though I suck at it LMAO. Thanks for the advice. I hope to see you in game sometime!
  5. Carp

    Remember Montrose?

    I had the pleasure of seeing Montrose back in 78'
  6. Carp

    Amazing 15 year old Tina S

    Found this about a year or so ago. What an amazing talent.
  7. Carp

    Battlefield V - Black Friday Sale

    I jumped from a GTX 770 to an RTX 2080. What a difference. My grandfather told me early on in life "Anthony, always buy the best tools for the job because in the end they will reward you"
  8. Carp

    Gaming Season!

    So I have Origins access. Found out this morning that I get Star wars Jedi included. Just downloaded it and am going to give it a try. $100.00 per year is really worth having Origin access.
  9. Carp

    New to Squad

    I just bought Squad and need some instruction on how to play. I am in training and can't seem to heal the patient? LOL.
  10. Carp

    Battlefield V - Black Friday Sale

    I play it. I have Origin access. Get that game and many more. I'm running a ASUS 2080. I personally like playing the campaign modes on all games if possible. It's how I learn the game.
  11. Carp

    Discord failure

    Disregard. I found it. Thanks for your patience with this old man. LOL
  12. Carp

    Discord failure

    I think I need another invite?
  13. Carp

    Discord failure

    Thanks, I finally got it squared away. How to I bookmark TBG?
  14. Carp

    Discord failure

    Every time I try to install the app I get this:
  15. Carp

    Game night/day

    What is squad?
  16. Carp

    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    User name: Carp Your age? 21+ Only 58 The ALIAS you use regularly and PLEASE include your FIRST NAME: Carplocke Tony Your STEAM ID (If applicable) Carplocke What game or games would you like to represent TBG? BF4, BF3, BF5, Insurgency, WW3, Other What TBG server(s) do you...
  17. Carp

    Game night/day

    Why quit after the next patch?
  18. Carp


    How much for VIP status?
  19. Carp

    May I join?

    So far I have enjoyed myself here. Good people and fair game play. I would like to become part of this and contribute to the collective. If not, no worries, I hope to continue to play here. Cheers!!!!
  20. Carp


    So I was in discord last night and talked to a couple of people. They were playing Red Dead Redemption 2. They were the only people on Discord at the time. Now my link has expired? Where do I put the quarters in so that I may continue? LMAO.