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  1. Bobsama

    I think I would sue as well...

    Must not have had very much to circumcise.
  2. Bobsama

    Deployments to Afghanistan announced for 3,600

    Hey Renno, what unit are you part of again?
  3. Bobsama

    Happy Birthday Bobsama

    Heh. Thanks everyone. Been busy--was recruited, on my day off, to meet with one of my company's executives. We aien't small either--over 100 stores.
  4. Bobsama

    Some Great Marketing

    I tried out Dollar Shave Club's 2X razors. Here's my report! A little shave history for me... Started shaving at about 15. Used an electric. That shit burned. Initially just the 'stache, but later on a spotty beard too. Moved to a Gillette Fusion at 17. 5 blades were too many. Got a great...
  5. Bobsama

    Tires, snow, common sense

    Everyone in northern climates should do the same. The survival gear part. A full set of winter clothes plus hand/foot warmers are the most basic. Extra snow scrapers and a shovel are beginner additions. Personally, since I drive I-90 fairly regularly, I have a full survival kit geared towards...
  6. Bobsama

    Selling Beads

    You shoulda saved yourself the trouble and just PM'ed Soulzz about it. Unless, of course, he graduated to bigger beads.
  7. Bobsama

    The "What did you buy over the Holiday Sale season" Thread

    Yeah it's pretty stupid. DSG defines bulk ammo as a box of 100 rounds or more. You're limited to a single box of that and nothing else from behind the counter. One big plus for me getting a 10/22 Takedown was actually the well-designed bag. I managed to fit a 14"x5.7"x2.5" cardboard box in the...
  8. Bobsama

    The "What did you buy over the Holiday Sale season" Thread

    $290 at my nearby Dick's Sporting Goods. Usually they go for $400+ in my area. DSG had it on sale for like $360, an instant rebate worth $50, & another which took $20 off. Also got another $20 off $100 purchase coupon--which I'll use on .22 & .308 ammo. In the box was an invite to...
  9. Bobsama

    The "What did you buy over the Holiday Sale season" Thread

    Ruger 10/22 Takedown & some ammo for it. That's my season's self-gift.
  10. Bobsama

    Android 4.4 KitKat on the Sprint Galaxy S2!

    I've already noticed. You can still get to it reasonably easily, but you actually lost the slide-down brightness bar too. There's still a button there. It has a few issues (it's pretty bare). Now it still depends on what you wanna do with it. Apps and widgets and mods can be useful--though I...
  11. Bobsama

    Android 4.4 KitKat on the Sprint Galaxy S2!

    Why would I need CM-11 on a stock Android phone? On a sidenote, I already ditched Hangouts. Handcent is my current texting thing.
  12. Bobsama

    Android 4.4 KitKat on the Sprint Galaxy S2!

    4.4 has been OK on the Nexus 5. Personally, I really hate Google's default contacts list. I'll need to find a replacement for that.
  13. Bobsama

    Rather than buy a new battery I went out and bought a peice of shit phone!

    I've been on Sprint. In ye olden days, data networks didn't matter because you only used the network to make calls & text. Usually I'm in decent position to do those two things. The problem now is that Sprint's 3G is stupid slow. I'm only spending $71/mo on the phone but I gotta price things out...
  14. Bobsama

    Rather than buy a new battery I went out and bought a peice of shit phone!

    I'm thinking of making the switch to Verizon myself. I'm just hesitating--I want a Nexus-type phone except with an SD card.
  15. Bobsama

    Oh Crap!

    There are a fair few Chrysler 300's that are off rentals. If you care about fuel economy, a Ford Focus or the like can deliver. My sister recently got a Fiesta--only issue has been the tranny (sorry Soulzz). Otherwise it's a pretty decent little car. Do you have any specific needs? Saying...
  16. Bobsama

    hard drives

    Or his porn collection is just a few thousand 640x480 screen shots.
  17. Bobsama

    hard drives - Computer Hardware, Hard Drives, Internal Hard Drives, All Desktop Hard Drives, 1.2TB - 2TB, 2.5TB - 3TB, 4TB and higher The more storage, the better. Do you have a newer motherboard that'll support >2TB drives?
  18. Bobsama

    Nexus 5 - Realistically my next phone just got announced.

    Well Rain, both of us got our Galaxy S2's at similar times. The Nexus 5 looks compelling, but I'm thinking of jumping ship to Verizon. I'm getting tired of having 1 or 2 bars of reception and limited 4G and slow or nonexistent 3G.
  19. Bobsama

    Mechanic gave me the advice that I should sell my truck.

    Eh; make your call. A new car would have much improved gas mileage. Really depends on what you need, though. New cars & old cars both require regular out-of-pocket maintenance. Naturally, new cars are typically financed & thus need to carry collision, so you're looking at $400+/mo there. It's...