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    The serious cat

    play him off keyboard cat! lol
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    3 words after sex forum game

    "I've got aids." "LIKE A BOSS" "Stop crying slut!" "Your 18 right?" "Where'd the condom go?" "You woke the kids!" lol ok enough for me.
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    Best Video Game Review Ever

    HAHAHAHAAHAHA "were surrounded by kha'ak and somehow unsatisfied"
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    Fun New game

    let me know i would defiantly be interested
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    Fun New game

    Hey guys! I recently started playing a game called Minecraft, some of you might have heard about it but for those who haven't, The game is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world, while creature spawn at night and try to...
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    Pablo Francisco

    Jim Jefferies is hilarious too, YouTube - ‪Jim Jeffries Stand Up Comedy 2010 (Sex Responsibilities)‬‏ not suitable for work.
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    What are your top 5 favorite movies of all time?

    Final Fantasy, The Spirits Within Shawshank Redemption Chronicles of Riddic Iron Man Starship Troopers Star Wars
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    Duke Nukem?

    woot, got the demo for buying borderlands back in the day, woot woot
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    Chinese Boy Sells Kidney To Afford iPad

    at least he is smart enough to find a buyer first, mine is still sitting in the freezer. -_- lol
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    Hey guys, Doaker Reporting in!

    not a fan of fees/interest so I use a pre-paid visa, works just the same =P
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    What are your 10 favorite First Person Shooters of all time?

    1) Unreal Tournament 1999 2) Return to castle Wolfenstien & Wolfenstien 3) Portal 1&2 4) Half-Life all the episodes are sweet 5) Battlefield 1942 6) Ghost Recon 7) BFBC2 8) Doom 9) Section 8 10) FEAR man theres just so many, but here would be the top 10. Splinter Cell is fun too but didn't make...
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    Frozen Synapse (COD meets Chess)

    OH man the last tactical game i played was fallout tactics! defiantly picking this up, thanks for the link.
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    Need a new mic!

    +1 ive had mine for 4 years and counting, and still in perfect condition. (no rips or tears in the fabric and no fractures in the plastic)
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    Darth vader vs hitler.. epic rap battle :D

    Another good one by the same guy YouTube - ‪Nom Nom Nom Nom, Babies! - PIcture Song‬‏
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    Soulzz' PC Tips and Common Myths

    @Bob-sama, I didn't say that disk usage would slow down your physical drive, I was just stating that removing data from any drive(excluding SSD's), reduces the time it takes for the drive to locate and access the remaining data on it. Bob-sama - "What slows it down is that earlier data is...
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    Soulzz' PC Tips and Common Myths

    Removing anything from your drive, especially with a HHD, will decrease the "seek" time, improving performance, even if its just fractions of a second.
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    Soulzz' PC Tips and Common Myths

    Good thread idea. Where did you get this info? Having a roommate that works for IBM comes in handy sometimes. For Example. "Myth: Registry cleaners help speed up your PC." 1. If you dont know how to clean them properly they can be very dangerous because they could delete a valid or a need...
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    Interesting call to Coast to Coast AM

  19. UnLO

    Anyone played section 8 Prejudice yet?

    If Global Agenda was any good they would have called it Section 8 Prejudice.
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    Classic Nintendo Games Online

    Depending on the emulator you can "Save State" which will save the game regardless of where you are. ZSNES Home Page - About ZSNES is what I use.