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  1. Cowbell Kevin


  2. Cowbell Kevin


    Were you asking if it was dysfunctional?
  3. Cowbell Kevin

    Howdy, howdy, howdy

    I'm a dysfunctional cow... Mooo!! I usually do not like going to the vet. Too many shots.
  4. Cowbell Kevin

    Murphy's Laws of Combat

    Have you heard of Cole's Law? It's just chopped cabbage. Mooooo!!!!!!!!
  5. Cowbell Kevin

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Automotive Technician

    MoMMMooooOOOoo.. Mooo... MMMMooooooooooooOOoMommmoooooooo... MoooOOoSoulzzMooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Translated to human --> Yes we have a cow here. Welcome to the farm. We have a few other bearded animals here as well. When you meet Soulzz.. take lube with you.
  6. Cowbell Kevin

    Reporting a Player

    Aug 7, 2019 3:07:42 pm ni-ggers taste good ! ! ! ! OPERATION LOCKER | BF4DB/PPBANS | TBGCLAN.COM Aug 7, 2019 3:06:43 pm i did check ni--gger ! ! ! ! OPERATION LOCKER | BF4DB/PPBANS | TBGCLAN.COM Aug 7, 2019 3:06:34 pm hey AEK I see your post too ! ! ! ! OPERATION LOCKER | BF4DB/PPBANS |...
  7. Cowbell Kevin

    Hey there from Ohio!

    MooMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOoooooo (translated to human) Welcome. You will find us udderly entertaining.
  8. Cowbell Kevin

    What's the latest on monitors?

    I would say monitor as well..
  9. Cowbell Kevin

    What's the latest on monitors? If you go with a 27 inch.. i would go with the 1440 resolution and a 144hz refresh. If you want a 27 inch with 240 refresh at 1440.. you are...
  10. Cowbell Kevin

    What's the latest on monitors?

    IPS is good for weird angles. TN is fine if you are looking straight on. Resolution Refresh rate Response time Size Those are the major things to look at for a main monitor. Secondary monitor that is not at optimun viewing angle.. then you have to look at other stuff.
  11. Cowbell Kevin

    What's the latest on monitors?

    MoooOoo MmmmOOOOOooo (translate to human... "What he said..") I decided on a 25 inch 1080 at 240 Hz. I didn't want a larger monitor. I like playing on the 25 inch size. I still do not have the hardware to push it however. Still running a 3770k I7 but did upgrade to a GTX 1080. Here is the...
  12. Cowbell Kevin


    MooooOO.. MmmmOOooooO! (translated to human = Welcome. Do you speak cow?)
  13. Cowbell Kevin

    UCAV spamming

    Just wanted to drop a note on this topic.. Please spell it correctly.. It is a Moooocav!
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  15. Cowbell Kevin


    Mooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (translated to human.. "Yo!")
  16. Cowbell Kevin

    Reporting a Player

    Ohhh crap.. Matt is correct. Completely my mistake. Looked up your name on our site to see about any complaints and read this post incorrectly. You were like 125 and 20 at the time and getting complaints when I joined the server. Please unban. Key learning... Don't trust sketchy looking Cows.
  17. Cowbell Kevin

    Constantly being kicked by admin

    You can be kicked randomly when the server is full if a tbg member joins or someone who is paying to be whitelisted (reserved slots). Just try to rejoin if that happens.
  18. Cowbell Kevin

    Reporting a Player

    It somehow let him in. Been so long since I used commands.. I forgot how to do it at first.
  19. Cowbell Kevin

    Reporting a Player

    He is back on Lockers... Was this a ban? Going to ban in game. If this was wrong.. sorry.
  20. Cowbell Kevin

    Just wanted to let you know

    You can get kicked automatically if an admin or whitelisted player joins. Nothing personal. Just rejoin. We do try to seed out servers to get them going. Join back.. join a squad with a TBG member and have some fun.