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    Insurgency Sandstorm servers

    Yea the mention in the patch notes was pretty small. Hopefully people get the memo sooner or later
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    Insurgency Sandstorm servers

    @Matt(FAST) 1.3 dropped and added xp. I think we need to update the settings on our server to enable it if we haven't done so already. Going to be a few days before the community figures it out as it was just a small blurb on the opening screen and kind of hidden in the patch notes.
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    Insurgency Sandstorm servers

    Old thread but new info from NWI, next patch will be adding community server XP, which should cause a massive shift away from matchmaking to community servers. Most people want to just stay in the same game instead of getting kicked back to the menu it turns out.
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    Anyone interested in this?

    just to clarify, the packs they are selling include items for MWO. thats the 90 days of premium time. the standard edition is all you really need to pre-order the game and will include beta access. As far as im aware $50 will be what they plan to sell it for once it releases anyway, just without...
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    Where I've been/where I'm going. Absent.

    It's not gay underway bro.
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    Where I've been/where I'm going. Absent.

    So made it to Connecticut on Tuesday. And now I'm getting flown out Monday to meet my boat on deployment. So I guess I'll see you guys in a couple months lol
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    My Next Rig - IBM 5170 Clone Replica

    Are you gonna do eggshell white for the case? Or whatever offwhite those old IBM's were
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    Where I've been/where I'm going. Absent.

    Been moving my wife from Hawaii to Washington over the last month. The hotels I've been living in have had shit wifi. Couldnt even stay connected to discord during the meeting. Figured out a work around for now where I can play games with my phone tethered, but not enough bandwith for discord...
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    Warming up to BFV

    If you haven't played since v12 came out, you are missing out.
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    New Senior Admin - Deputy Swan

    Congrats swaaaan!
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    Insurgency Sandstorm

    Yea I get it lol
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    Insurgency Sandstorm

    Actually push maps show up in map vote on skirmish server
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    Insurgency Sandstorm

    One server is bugged and just says game mode for match type. When you load in it says "error loading game type" at the top of the screen. Skirmish server working correctly. We need to somehow get ping limits again. Got some guys on today with over 250 in a full server and was causing lag for...
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    Request Discord Access Here - ACTIVE

    @SKVizionz pm sent
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    Requesting to join TrueBornGaming

    What community? Surface or sub? Fmf?